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Gain Freedom with

Simple Solutions

A powerful international thought leader, André helps those living with ADHD thrive by sharing his experiences, both successes and failures, of surviving undiagnosed ADHD. Transform your life and gain freedom with the simple solutions and strategies he devised to help anyone become more productive and focused.

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Providing Awareness For Action

“Bravo and thank you Andre for your vulnerability, clarity and self‑awareness. Only with acceptance we can seek help, support and move forward.”

“This is really hitting a sensitive point for me! People telling me I’m a success and I keep feeling that I haven’t done enough and I feel like a constant failure. I feel like I haven’t done enough in life and if I enumerate all the things I have done so far, people are amazed! “

“Great presentation, Andre! I have learned so much about creating the conditions and environment for success. My son has ADHD and has just started engineering in university. I will be sharing some of your best practices.  Thank you for sharing what you have learned on your journey!”


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