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Welcome to The Impulsive Thinker™

Welcome to The Impulsive Thinker™, where we simplify your complexities. I have had many struggles throughout my life, and the struggles had an unknown cause. I could never get a handle on it. It was very frustrating. I am a high achiever with a unique ability to quickly solve complex problems by simplifying them down to the root cause and finding solutions to solve the REAL problem and not band-aid symptoms.


I am a husband of one, a father of two exceptional girls, a Professional Engineer, entrepreneurial, Type 2 diabetic, and diagnosed recently with severe ADHD and Asperger’s. I have started two engineering companies and developed them into self-managing companies. I have started and failed two other companies. I have made many mistakes that cost thousands of dollars and have more successes. People tell me I am successful, and only recently, I am starting to believe it!


Unknowingly, I created systems, routines, and tools to overcome my undiagnosed ADHD over the years. These were key to my success. Yet my undiagnosed ADHD continued to sabotage my success. No matter how many times I get knocked down, kicked in the groin, or steamrolled – I got up every time, brushed myself off and tried again and again. Every time, I figured out how not to get knocked down again by the same thing. I learned from each knockdown and transformed them into opportunities. I still get knocked down regularly, but by new things – that is how I grow.


The knowledge I have gained along my long journey to identify my strengths and talents is a short-cut process I will share with you. To find passion, you need to discover your talents and strengths first, use them, and the passion will follow. I know EVERYONE says, look for passion! Well, I wasted many years searching, and it did not come until I clearly identified my strengths and talents. I use them efficiently, and my passion surfaced – hence The Impulsive Thinker! Not only will I simplify your complexities, but I can also help your team, which will grow your company – BUT – it begins with you.


I want to help ADHD Entrepreneurs and professionals (i.e. engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, executives) who are serious about personal growth with Factual Reality™. They have achieved a certain success level in their life, business, or career. I will help engineering firms, any ADHD Entrepreneurial company that wants to move to the next level of success, and anyone who lives with ADHD who are entrepreneurs or a professional. I also want to help children with ADHD discover their strengths. ADHD kids who wish to pursue engineering or science post-secondary education or professional degrees.

WHY I STARTED The Impulsive Thinker™

I started The Impulsive Thinker™ so I can help other ADHD Entrepreneurs and professionals. I am not ashamed or embarrassed sharing my diagnosis, blunders and past mistakes because that is where I learned the most as I transformed these obstacles into insights, systems, routines, habits and new opportunities.

Before you leave, make sure you head over to the podcast page to listen to the latest The Impulsive Thinker Podcast episode and let me know what you think in the comments below!



I'm André

...also known as The Impulsive Thinker. I'm a professional engineer, advocate, and podcaster with the special ability to devour and simplify complicated information to solve complex problems. Click here to get my full story.

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