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ADHD Entrepreneurs' New Beginnings: Passion Over Profit

Updated: Jun 28

The other day I had an insightful conversation with Tom Lambotte about starting new chapters in our entrepreneurial lives. This conversation is vital for ADHD Entrepreneurs with a growth mindset. Even with successful businesses, some of us feel like something’s missing. Let's discuss how to find our Unique Abilities®, rediscover our passions, and start new, fulfilling chapters in our lives. 

Don’t feel like reading? Listen to the episode. 

The Shift from Opportunities to Passion 

Tom, a tech entrepreneur, initially focused on opportunities. His AI coaching business was profitable but lacked deeper meaning. He wanted to make a real impact and empower others. Reflecting on my journey, I realized I had been making opportunity-driven decisions, sidelining, and ignoring what truly mattered to me. 


Many entrepreneurs often prioritize making money over what brings us joy. It’s crucial to start making decisions based on passion and unique abilities rather than just opportunities that don’t fulfill us. 


Discovering and Embracing Your Unique Ability® 

Unique Ability® is a concept from Strategic Coach®. It’s about identifying what you’re naturally great at and love doing tasks that don’t feel like work. For Tom, this involved connecting, coaching, and helping heart-led entrepreneurs. For me, it is guiding, ,fostering personal growth, and seeing opportunities others missed. 


Understanding oneself is crucial. Tom and I have invested heavily in self-development courses, workshops, and masterminds. These investments have revealed that our unique abilities aren’t confined to one industry that we started in! It applies to all areas of life—personal, social, and work. 


The Power of Energy: Creation vs. Drain 

Do your tasks create energy, drain it, or remain neutral? Energy is essential in our discussion.  Even neutral tasks can pull you away from what truly energizes you. Tom and I found that focusing on our unique abilities brings positive energy and generates positive energy for others. 


Understanding this has made our new chapters not only possible but exciting. For instance, my guiding and teaching in engineering also apply to coaching ADHD Entrepreneurs. It’s about simplifying ADHD and helping others gain clarity and grow. 


Overcoming the Uncertainty of New Beginnings 

One of the biggest hurdles in starting a new chapter is uncertainty– it can make you feel stuck! Stepping outside established identities—like being known as a tech guru or an engineer—can be daunting. This is all natural in the growth process. 


Starting new chapters means stepping out of our comfort zones. Embracing the unknown and pursuing what energizes us can lead to a fulfilling and impactful path. You may feel selfish pursuing this – if you feel like this – then it is the right path! 


Balancing Old and New: Leadership and Passion 

Pursuing a new chapter doesn’t mean abandoning your existing business. Tom and I are transitioning to leadership roles, allowing us to focus on new passions while still leading effectively. Stepping back from daily operations means being a strong leader and ensuring your business thrives. 


If you’re contemplating a new chapter, remember that it’s okay to pursue your passion while maintaining leadership roles in your current business. 


Finding Your Next Chapter 

Start by identifying what energizes you!. Assess your current tasks to see which ones bring you energy and fulfillment. It’s not about specific tasks but the type of tasks. For me, guiding and teaching enriches my energy, whether in engineering or guiding. 


Think about tasks that make you feel alive—the ones that don’t feel like work. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers right away. Start with what you enjoy and where you add the most value. 


Conclusion: Start Your New Chapter with Confidence 

This is a natural progression. Don’t let guilt hold you back from pursuing what energizes you, even if it feels daunting at first. Embrace evolving and growing. 


Think about what brings you energy and align your tasks with them. Take your first step toward your new chapter. You’ll find it rewarding and crucial for personal and professional growth. 


Let’s continue this journey together. Share your thoughts about starting a new chapter and your experiences.  


Connect with fellow growth mindset ADHD Entrepreneurs who understand your challenges and aspirations.  


Together, we can find passion, clarity, and fulfillment in our lives. Thanks for listening and being part of this journey. 


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