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Seeking Calm: Embracing a Life with Less Rushing

Updated: Jun 28

Are you struggling to keep up with the fast-paced world around you due to ADHD? Don't worry, you're not alone. One of the biggest challenges of managing ADHD is finding the right balance between urgency and rush. You want to get things done as quickly as possible, but you also don't want to rush through them and make careless mistakes. With a little patience and practice, however, you can learn to strike that perfect balance.  

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Discovering the Downside of Rushing 

As an ADHD Entrepreneur, I've spent much of my career caught up in the whirlwind of rushing. I vividly remember how I hyperfocused on my engineering career for the first 20 years, with little regard for anything else. My days were packed with early wakeups, long work trips, and constant movement. I was always on, always rushing, thinking that this pace was not only necessary but also enjoyable. A relentless pursuit of progress became my norm, and I justified it as a means to build a better life for myself and my family.  

Realization and Empowerment Through Diagnosis 

It wasn't until later in my journey that a pivotal moment of clarity emerged. After parting ways with a demanding partnership, I found myself physically and mentally drained. It was in that moment of exhaustion that I realized I needed to reassess my approach. Seeking a breather from the entrepreneurial whirlwind, I received a diagnosis of severe ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) level 1 (Asperger's syndrome), a revelation that brought both relief and newfound understanding. Learning more about my condition empowered me to reevaluate my habits and priorities. 


With this newfound perspective, I set my sights on a transformative goal: embracing life with less rushing and more meaningful urgency. I recognized the need to maintain a sense of urgency without subjecting myself to constant rushing. This shift has allowed me to reduce stress and enhance the quality of my experiences. This transition hasn't been easy, but it has been profoundly rewarding. 


Differentiating Between Rushing and Urgency 

Reflecting on my journey, I've recognized a crucial distinction between rushing and urgency. While the former perpetuated stress and hindered my overall well-being, the latter fueled my drive while allowing me to approach tasks strategically. Understanding this delineation has empowered me to cultivate a healthier relationship with time and productivity. 


As I strive to incorporate urgency without the detrimental effects of rushing, I've uncovered a valuable lesson: urgency contributes to mental engagement and productivity. By strategically managing my time and deliberately leaving tasks until the last minute, I've cultivated a purposeful sense of urgency that keeps my brain firing without succumbing to the chaotic rush of constant activity. 


Thriving While Reducing Rushing 

In sharing my journey, I recognize the prevalence of rushing in the lives of fellow entrepreneurs. Whether it's the adrenaline-fueled pace of startups or the incessant drive to achieve more, we've all been caught up in the “rush” at some point. Realizing that we have the agency to reduce rushing while maintaining urgency can be a game-changer in our entrepreneurial pursuits. We can thrive without sacrificing our mental and physical health by seeking a balance between productivity and well-being. 


In the entrepreneurial landscape, the pressure to constantly “rush” can be overwhelming. However, my experiences have taught me that intentional urgency can be a powerful tool. By strategically managing my sense of urgency and infusing it with purpose, I've enhanced my productivity while fostering a healthier, more sustainable approach to my work. 


Encouraging a Community of Balance 

As ADHD entrepreneurs, our journey involves finding the balance that best serves our unique traits and aspirations. Embracing intentional urgency while shedding the burden of constant rushing is a step towards a more fulfilling and sustainable entrepreneurial path. By fostering a community that values such balance, we empower one another to thrive and redefine success on our terms. 

 Further Exploration  

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