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I Am An 8-2-5-5

Updated: Jun 28

This week, I want to dive deeper into something transformative for me, both personally and professionally. I’m talking about the Kolbe A™ Index, a tool that reveals how we instinctively take action in problem solving. Understanding my Kolbe A™ Index has opened my eyes to my natural patterns of behaviour. It has allowed me to leverage these insights for better communication and efficiency in my team and with family and friends.  


Don’t feel like reading? Listen to the episode.  

The Power of Knowing How We Do Things 

I had an insightful conversation with Kathy Kolbe on my podcast about the Kolbe Wisdom™ and Conation—the third part of the mind dealing with how we do things. The episode (Episode 95) was a goldmine of information. Understanding how we naturally (instinctively) approach tasks validated my methods and gave me a fresh perspective on how to solve problems most effectively, solve them the way I solve them best. 


My Journey with Kolbe: From Curiosity to Clarity 

I encountered the Kolbe A™ Index in 2011 through Strategic Coach®, an entrepreneurial coaching program. At first, it seemed interesting but didn’t quite hit home. It was only when I applied it to my team that the real power of the Kolbe Wisdom™ became clear. It enlightened me on how to communicate better, appreciating that not everyone processes information or tackles tasks like I do. 


So what does my Kolbe A™ Index numbers mean? I am an 8-2-5-5, and here’s a breakdown of each aspect: 


Fact Finder: 8 

The Fact Finder Action Mode® is how you gather and share information. Being an 8 in Fact Finder means I’m highly specific and detail oriented. I like gathering and sharing comprehensive information. This Action Mode® is my initiation, comfort zone, and where I naturally excel and thrive. For instance, when I start a new project, I dive deep into details to understand every aspect before I start. 


On the other foot, a CounterActing Fact Finder, 1 through 3, require only a few bullet points to get going. They prefer summary over depth, which means if I overshare details, I risk overwhelming them. The challenge is in balancing my need to specify with their need for brevity. 


Follow Through: 2 

The Follow Through Action Mode® is how you organize. In Follow Through, I score a 2, meaning I CounterAct in this Action Mode™. I thrive on adaptability, which makes my organization system appear random to others. I can switch gears quickly, finding new pathways when faced with obstacles. While this flexibility is a strength, it can be unsettling for systematic thinkers, like many engineers on my team, who follow a sequential process meticulously. 


My adaptability in Follow Through can derail projects if I meddle too much. Therefore, I let my systematic team members handle planning and execution. They create the roadmap, and I come into clear obstacles when they hit a wall. This synergy ensures tasks move forward efficiently without constant disruption from my spontaneous ideas. 


Quickstart: 5 

The Quickstart Action Mode® is how you deal with risk and uncertainty.  In Quickstart, I’m a 5, which makes me an experimenter. I manage risks and uncertainties by modifying, trying out new ideas and reducing risk – I don’t REMOVE risks! I’m comfortable with change and quick to adapt when plans go awry.  For me, going to a construction site full of problems under pressure is great for me! I reduce the risk of delays, develop new ideas, and adjust deadlines due to the problems on-site. 


However, having team members who manage chaos with solid plans keeps us grounded. Their thorough preparation complements my experimental skills, creating a balanced approach to problem-solving. 


Implementor: 5 

The Implementor Action Mode® is how you handle space and tangible solutions. As a 5 Implementor, I sit in the middle—I CoAct. I can work both conceptually and tangibly. I’m good at fixing and repairing, preferring practical solutions that suffice rather than perfect ones. However, I understand the need for high-quality and lasting solutions, something Initiating Implementors require instinctively. 


For example, I can describe a Lego mug in words, and you might visualize it. But an Initiating Implementor needs to hold it, see it, and understand its physical dimensions to grasp its quality fully. Understanding these variances helps me communicate effectively with different team members and the various trades on a construction site. 


Initiating Implementors who require tangible models ensure our solutions are high-quality and lasting. My ability to work both conceptually and tangibly allows me to bridge the gap between abstract ideas and practical solutions, acting as an interpreter between pure conceptualists and hands-on implementors. 


Leveraging Kolbe A® Index for Team Dynamics 

Applying the Kolbe A™ Index to my team has been a game-changer. It has highlighted the importance of recognizing and appreciating each person’s instinctive strengths and how they contribute differently towards a common goal. 


For instance, I know now not to micromanage because it stifles innovation and efficiency. It also rubs my 2 Follow Through the wrong way. Instead, my role is to inspire, provide direction, and step in to navigate unforeseen challenges. This has led to quicker project completions, higher efficiency, and a more harmonious team dynamic. Meaning, I stay out of projects because I change direction daily and only show up when things go wrong. 



Embracing Our Individuality for Collaborative Success 

The Kolbe A™ Index has taught me that there’s no right or wrong way to solve problems. Instead, it’s about understanding and leveraging our natural instincts to work collaboratively. For ADHD Entrepreneurs like us, this tool is invaluable. It validates our unique ways and shows that combining our strengths makes a formidable team. 


Understanding your Kolbe A™ Index helps you focus on tasks that align with your natural modes, reducing frustration and increasing your productivity. For example, if detailed planning isn’t your thing, delegate it. Focus your energy on areas where you excel, making your work more enjoyable and effective. 


Moving Forward with Kolbe A™ 

If this resonates with you, I’d love to help you understand your Kolbe A™ Index and use it to optimize your personal and professional life. Identifying your strengths and how you naturally operate can guide you to prioritize tasks that suit you best, leading to better results and greater satisfaction. 


Take the Kolbe A™ Index if you’re interested in diving deeper into your Kolbe A™ profile contact me and lets start! Let’s discover together how to leverage your unique abilities for success. Thanks for reading and remember—you’re doing it right because that’s HOW you work best. 


Further Exploration

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