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Harnessing Positive Energy for ADHD Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 28

I want to talk about something that's really changed how I approach my work and interactions—positive energy. I discovered that I'm an Energy Engineer. I decided that 2024 will be about my energy, how I will protect it, how I'm going to harness that better, and how I'm going to make sure that everything I’m doing has a lot to do with my energy. If I've got a lot of positive energy around me and with me, it's good for everyone. It may sound a bit out there, but it's made a world of difference for me, and I think it can for you too.  


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Energy Matters More Than We Think 

We often overlook the importance of energy in our daily lives, especially as ADHD Entrepreneurs. But it’s more impactful than you might think. Over the years, I've realized that how we manage our energy—both mental and physical—can make or break our success.  


In a recent conversation with Dr. Stel Nikolakakis, he pointed out something profound. I've spent so much time managing my mental energy through routines and systems, but what about my overall energy? This revelation hit me hard. For 2024, I’m focusing on harnessing all forms of positive energy to enhance not just my productivity but my overall well-being. 


Practical Approach to Positive Energy 

Now, I know some of you might scoff and think this sounds a bit too "woo-woo" for your taste, but it’s grounded in practicality. Think about it: if you're constantly expelling negative energy, how effective are you really going to be? For us ADHD Entrepreneurs, steering towards positive energy is essential. 


In my talk with Dr. Nikolakakis, we talked a lot about creating safe spaces. The people you allow into your space and how they affect your energy is crucial. It’s not about cutting people off randomly but being selective. Your team members, clients, and even blood family should contribute positively to your energy. If not, it's time to reassess those relationships. 


Law of Energy Conservation 

Here's an interesting thought: energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. What does that mean for us? Well, negative energy can’t be eliminated, but it can be converted or moved away. Picture yourself as a nuclear reactor, when you’re around positive energy, it builds up and fuels you. Conversely, negative energy drains you, turning your strengths into symptoms of ADHD. 


One major takeaway from my journey has been realizing that my energy is used most efficiently when I'm working within my unique strengths. How do you find this? Look for tasks and projects you can do endlessly because they bring you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Think of it as running like a finely tuned Formula One car versus an old, clunky diesel engine. 


Assessing Energy Sources 

As I began to explore this concept, I started categorizing tasks, projects, and interactions based on the energy they gave me. Initially, I considered neutral energy as, well, neutral. I quickly learned that neutral energy is actually negative, since it doesn’t contribute positively. 


The ADHD Brain and Energy 

Our ADHD brains need tasks that are interesting, novel, challenging, urgent, and passionate. When you find yourself swamped by negative energy, check if it aligns with these criteria, if not, it might be time to delegate or drop it altogether. 


Let’s get practical. Look at your calendar from the past week. Identify what gave you positive energy and what didn’t. For tasks that sucked your energy, determine if it was the situation or the task itself. Can you delegate it? Remember, positive energy builds and draws the right people toward you. 


Understanding Your Unique Energy Needs 

Finally, remember that energy management isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your needs will be unique to you. By focusing on self-awareness and understanding your own energy dynamics, you can tailor a plan that works specifically for you. 


I challenge you to start evaluating where your energy goes. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people and tasks. Look at your interactions, projects, and daily routines through the lens of energy management. Chase that positive energy, and I guarantee you’ll see a transformation. 


How have you been channelling your energy? Have you been letting negativity wear you down? Let me know how you’re converting your negative energy into positive energy. Send me an email! 


Further Exploration  

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