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Future Money: Visionary Deals for ADHD Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 28

Have you ever wondered how you can get more money from selling your company? More money completing a project? All with little risk to the other person? Do you ever feel like your big ideas are held back by conventional thinking and a lack of upfront capital? What if I told you there is a different way of funding and planning your big ideas? Future Money! I discussed the concept of "Future Money” with Chad Jenkins in our latest podcast episode.  


Don’t feel like reading? Listen to the episode.  

What Is Future Money? 

Imagine envisioning your grand ideas without shutting them down immediately with budget limitations. Future Money, a concept inspired by

Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach®, offers a way for you, the ADHD Entrepreneur, to break free from these limiting beliefs. It’s about leveraging future gains to create unparalleled business opportunities TODAY. Too often we get stuck in conventional models, worried about immediate costs, and missing out on exponential growth. Future Money provides a different pathway and thinking, allowing us to partner on outcomes and reap mutual benefits down the road. 


The Unconventional Shift 

With the current convention, business deals are transactional: do a specific task for a fixed fee. This method is straightforward but often limits the potential of what can truly be achieved. In contrast, Future Money is about committing to deliver outcomes for a share in future success. Instead of getting stuck with "past money" and a transactional mindset, imagine being able to say, "This new idea could bring in an extra $10 million next year. Let's share the profits."  


This approach makes the relationship between you and your business partners more dynamic and engaged. They’re not just service providers anymore—they’re co-creators of success and are collaborators. 


How to Make Future Money Work 

First, you need to envision how much your new idea will impact your business positively. Be it $10 million in revenue or a significant increase in client base, calculate what your future gains could look like. If you project a net profit of $2 million from this new venture, half of that can be allocated to collaborators who help you achieve your ambitious goals. 


Instead of negotiating fees for specific tasks, frame your collaborations around shared success. For example, rather than hiring a marketing firm on a usual retainer, offer them a share in the revenue generated from new clients they bring in. When they know there's substantial money to be made, they’ll be as invested as you are, putting their best people on the job to ensure mutual success. 


Making It Fair and Transparent 

One critical aspect Chad highlighted is the need for transparency and clear definitions of success and when it starts. From day one, both collaborators MUST understand what success looks like and how it will be measured. In a scenario where success is tied to revenue metrics, outline that clearly. For instance, $500 of revenue is generated per signup, with the partner getting a substantial share of that. This ensures everyone is aligned and fully invested. 


Operating from a place where budgets are based on future gains changes the dynamic. You’re not bleeding cash upfront but projecting future money and letting it dictate your current spending on resources. This shared risk and reward ensure both parties are motivated to reach the set goals, fostering a more cooperative environment. 


Real-World Example 

“I get what you are saying André, but how can this be applied?” OK, let's consider a practical example. Suppose you're launching a new product, and based on your forecast, it's set to bring in $10 million a year. Rather than using existing resources and risking burnout, you allocate $1.1 million of the future net profit to hire the best talent available. This way, you're not just hiring at conventional rates but offering a partnership based on future successes. 


Think of how powerful it would be to say to your service providers, "Help me achieve this, and we all benefit." This uplifts the conventional transactional relationship to true collaboration, incentivizing everyone involved to strive for excellence. 


Empowering Personal Growth 

Many of us, particularly those with ADHD, are dreamers who envision grand outcomes. We are often met with traditional constraints such as a lack of current resources or risk-averse mindsets from potential partners – which is conventional thinking and training. Future Money allows us to circumvent these constraints and turn our aspirational thinking into a practical reality – a future reality. 


Chad pointed out that by employing this strategy, you forge deeper, more meaningful relationships with your partners. When everyone is invested in the outcome, it nurtures trust and builds lifelong collaborations. Importantly, it removes the dreaded task of firing underperforming partners because the metrics of success and failure are transparent from the beginning. 



If there's one takeaway from Chad’s exploration of Future Money, it's this: think bigger and smarter about your next business move. Reflecting on your aspirations and forecasting potential future gains can unlock opportunities previously unseen. This mindset not only leverages external resources effectively but also solidifies your vision as an actionable and profitable reality. 


The next step is yours. Consider how you can apply this Future Money concept to your current ventures. Maybe it's with a project that's been sitting on the back burner due to budget concerns or an idea that you know can take off with the right collaboration. The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned, and remember: future money is about turning dreams into achievable realities. Let's get to work! 


Share your thoughts, ideas, or experiences with Future Money with me, send an email to  


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