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Future Cash Confidence: Unlocking Outcomes for ADHD Entrepreneurs

I want to share my thoughts on a concept that has completely changed my outlook—Future Money. These aren’t just buzzwords but strategic tools that can reshape how you approach growth and collaborations. 


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Financial Strategy - Reframed 

Not long ago, I chatted with Chad Jenkins, the founder of Seedspark. We discussed a concept that isn’t typically top-of-mind for most—Future Money. I’ve heard this concept before but the way he reframed it for me, it opened an entirely new way of thinking about finances that can significantly impact how you, the ADHD Entrepreneur, can now plan and execute your business ideas and strategies sooner.  


In that conversation, Chad emphasized focusing on Future Money rather than just present cash flow. This hit home for me because, like many of you, I often think about the cash sitting in the bank right now. But Future Money is about anticipating income from ventures yet to be started. It's about visionary thinking and seeing potential revenue as part of your financial confidence. 


What Is Cash Confidence? 

Cash confidence is another term Chad introduced. Simply put, cash confidence is the self-assurance that you have (or will have) in your financial resources to execute your plans. For many of us, this idea revolves around present money—the cash we have at our disposal today. However, when we broaden our understanding to include Future Money, cash confidence suddenly takes on a whole new dimension. 


Think about it. If you know that future projects and collaborations will bring in revenue, you can make more informed decisions today. This confidence empowers you to take calculated risks, hire new talent, and invest in growth opportunities you might have otherwise hesitated to pursue. 


Hiring with Future Money 

Take it from me—embracing the concept of Future Money changed my entire approach to hiring. Early in my entrepreneurial journey, I thought I needed a full year's salary in the bank before hiring someone. Weird right? Conventional thinking. I was thinking in terms of present money. My entrepreneurial coach helped me realize that I could pay new hires weekly or biweekly, using anticipated future income to cover those costs. 


When you view cash flow through the lens of Future Money, it frees you to make decisions that propel your business forward. It becomes easier to see how a new hire will generate more projects, thus bringing in future cash flow to sustain their salary and contribute to overall growth. 


Future Company vs. Present Company 

Understanding Future Money also led to another crucial insight: the balance between present company and future company. Present company is everything you have now—current projects, team members, and the revenue streams keeping the lights on. Future company, on the other hand, is the business you're building—new ventures, potential collaborations, and scaling opportunities yet to be realized. 


Balancing these two aspects is vital. You can't ignore your present company; it’s your current bread and butter. However, dedicating time and resources to future company ensures long-term growth. Future Money fuels future company development, providing the cash confidence needed to invest in projects that will eventually become your new present company. Holy crap right!!! 


Low-Risk, High-Reward Collaborations 

Another intriguing aspect of Future Money is its potential to lower risks for business collaborators. Picture this: instead of asking for a high upfront fee, you could structure a deal based on future success, future outcomes. This way, the client faces minimal initial risk, and you share in the future gains created through your collaboration. 


This approach proves advantageous for both collaborators. If you don’t deliver as promised, the client isn’t heavily penalized, but if you succeed, you both benefit from the resulting revenue. On the flip side, if they don’t deliver as promised, you are not heavily penalized as well. It’s a win-win scenario and a compelling way to make a pitch more attractive and feasible. 


The Balanced Entrepreneurial Path 

As ADHD Entrepreneurs, we thrive on forward-thinking vision, but we also need to stay grounded in the present. Striking the right balance between present and future company can be challenging, but it's essential for sustainable growth while maintaining cash flow. Embrace the concept of Future Money to enhance your cash confidence, make smarter hiring decisions, and create opportunities for low-risk, high-reward collaborations. Remember, building your future company starts today, in the present. It's all about seeing the potential of future earnings and making strategic moves now. 


What are your thoughts on Future Money and cash confidence? Send me an email at  


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