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Energy is the Key: ADHD Entrepreneurs and Expanding Your Space

Updated: Jun 28

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than you’re seeing? That you’ve been missing out on opportunities and relationships? During a talk with Dr. Stel Nikolakakis, we discussed how neuro-vision therapy can expand your mental space. It's like breaking out of a small box. Neuro-vision therapy enhances peripheral vision and grounds you, making thinking a visual exercise. This process creates movement - motion - in the brain. With neuro-vision therapy, you can learn how to conserve energy, improve focus, and foster personal and professional growth as an ADHD Entrepreneur.  


Don’t feel like reading? Listen to the episode. 

The Confined Room 

As ADHD Entrepreneurs, we're constantly faced with metaphorical ‘small rooms’—limited perspectives that can make us feel trapped. Sometimes it is us trapping ourselves. Dr. Nikolakakis explains this well with his analogy of being in a confined room. He talks about a restricted periphery where your central vision is available but not your peripheral one. This protective mechanism, formed during your upbringing or past experiences, past traumas, limits your view, making your ‘room’ feel smaller and reducing your interaction with new ideas or people. 


It's important to think of this ‘small room’ as more than just a limitation. It's about how the brain protects itself. Think of it like wearing blinders. They only allow you to see ahead, but also block your awareness of opportunities and relationships outside your immediate view – in your peripheral. 


Expanding That Room 

Neuro-visual therapy aims to make your room bigger, offering you a broader sweep of your surroundings and reducing the need for constant self-protection. Imagine running a race with a limited field of vision—it's easy to stay focused, but hard to navigate anything complicated. In contrast, a more expansive vision allows you to move efficiently and strategically, conserving energy for what truly matters. 


By using neuro-visual therapy to open your ‘room,’ the brain can now take more information in. This flexibility allows you to conserve energy and focus it where it's needed most. For ADHD Entrepreneurs, this method can be an eye-opener resulting in allowing yourself to live your life. Sorry about the bad pun! It is a factual statement based on my experience. 😉 


The Power of Energy Conservation 

One of the most compelling aspects of this analogy is its focus on energy. Constant anxiety drains your energy, making it difficult to focus on anything else. Dr. Nikolakakis describes how safely opening your mental space makes you less anxious, conserving energy that can be redirected toward your goals and passions. 


Saving energy by opening your room can lead to a more fulfilling life. Imagine a map where you’ve always taken one safe route. Opening that map gives you more roads, more options, and ultimately, more efficient travel. The same goes for your mental space and energy. When your brain isn’t working overtime in protection mode, you have more energy to focus on growth and creativity. 


The Community in Your Room 

Opening your mental space has another benefit: it allows you to invite the right people into your life. It’s important to surround yourself with the right community—the people who ONLY add positive energy and value to your room. This is important for maintaining a high level of energy and creativity. 


A practical exercise Dr. Nikolakakis shares involves imagining your room and deciding who gets to stay there. You’re in charge of choosing five people who will permanently be in your room. It might be challenging to narrow it down, but this exercise emphasizes the importance of energy-efficient relationships. By surrounding yourself with individuals who match your values and contribute positively, your energy and creativity can grow. 


Safety and Vulnerability 

Dr. Nikolakakis makes an important point about the relationship between safety and vulnerability. Safety is the first step; once you feel safe, you can then afford to be vulnerable. This vulnerability opens you up to deeper connections and supports greater personal growth. When you become vulnerable and share your story, you realize you're not alone. Others have similar experiences, which helps build a supportive community. 


For ADHD Entrepreneurs, these connections can lead to new opportunities and ideas. You’re not just building a business; you're building a community that aligns with your values and goals. 


Engaging the Energy 

Imagine collaborating with people who focus on high-efficiency collaborations and relationships. When you and your community members are on the same wavelength, your shared energy can lead to extraordinary outcomes. As Dr. Nikolakakis explains, understanding your unique strengths and talents and those of others fosters an environment of limitless potential. 


When you operate out of purpose and vision, the energy is almost endless. Running on purpose means you're continuously fueled by your passion, making challenges feel like opportunities. 


Our Unique Journey 

Dr. Nikolakakis and I both started in traditional roles—optometrist and engineer, respectively—and have expanded into coaching and personal development. This progression illustrates the power of finding and utilizing your unique ability. It's not about sticking to a script; it's about understanding yourself, your potential, and how you can best serve others. 


Through coaching, whether it’s vision or energy focus, you can discover your full potential. Individualized approaches mean there's no one-size-fits-all solution—your unique journey is what makes it so powerful. 


The Final Takeaway 

For ADHD Entrepreneurs, the key to unlocking your potential lies in your ability to open your ‘room.’ By expanding your perspective, conserving your energy, and surrounding yourself with a supportive community, you set the stage for enormous personal and professional growth. 


Take the time to evaluate your mental space. Who's in your room, and are they adding value? Are you operating out of a place of safety and vulnerability? Use these insights to build a supportive community that understands you. Remember, the journey to self-discovery and growth is uniquely yours. Take control, expand your room, and watch your energy and potential soar. 


Let’s support each other on this incredible journey to self-actualization and success. I’d love to hear from you about how you’re using your safety and vulnerability to build a supportive community. Send me an email! 


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