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ADHD Transformation Journey™

For Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs who want to leverage ADHD as a strength

New Cohort Beginning Fall 2024

Join a small group of ADHD Entrepreneurs
this fall and learn how to LEVERAGE your ADHD

You CAN reframe your ADHD symptoms as strengths and harness them!

Gain clarity on how your ADHD brain works. You will gain confidence and develop strategies to structure yourself, your day, your environment to control your attention and focus efficiently. Learn how to manage you and your ADHD. At the end, you will say: “I have control of my ADHD and my focus!”

Molly, Michigan

“Being in a group of other likeminded people- it was the moment I realized I'm not alone"

John, Saskatchewan

"Understanding how our brains work differently (not incorrectly) really changed my perspective. ADHD comes with strengths."
André Brisson
Founder of The Impulsive Thinker

André is a professional engineer, advocate, and podcaster with the special ability to devour and simplify complicated information to solve complex problems. As an ambitious and fearless entrepreneur, André has built three successful companies, including a self-managing engineering firm, Objective Engineering, Inc., specializing in niche markets that require unique training, experience, and an instinct to attack problems with an unconventional approach.

Do any of these sound like you?

Black Background

as Strengths

ADHD Symptoms


(and learn how to harness them)

Apply for ADHD Transformation Journey Starting Fall of 2024

Are you able to commit 5-9 hours a week to the ADHD Tranformation Journey program? Which includes online lessons, homework, and the weekly 2-hour Group Coaching Session. *
What is your level of commitment to your own growth and transformation to gain clarity of your ADHD and no longer be frustrated? *
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