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ADHD Transformation Journey™

  • Are you a high achieving ADHD entrepreneur ready to harness your strengths?

  • Does your success feel short lived?

  • Are you highly over-critical of yourself?

  • Is your fast-paced style interpreted as TOO intense?

  • Do you feel like an outsider?  A misfit?

  • You have little to no energy at the end of the day?


You CAN reframe your ADHD symptoms as strengths and harness them!

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You and ADHD

Gain clarity on how your ADHD brain works. You will gain confidence and develop strategies to structure yourself, your day, your environment to control your attention and focus efficiently. Learn how to manage you and your ADHD.


At the end you will say: “I have control of my ADHD and my focus!”


This is your first step to get Ahead of your ADHD.

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You Ahead of ADHD

Now you have control of your ADHD.  Let’s harness your ADHD strengths by converting your unmanaged symptoms into your ADHD strengths.  Discover these strengths by shifting your ADHD mindset from ADHD is not an excuse to ADHD is an explanation!


At the end you will say: “My ADHD is not a burden; it is my strength and key to my success as an entrepreneur!”


Now that you have harnessed your ADHD strengths, you can go Beyond Your ADHD.

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You Beyond ADHD

Not only do you have ADHD strengths, but you also have non-ADHD strengths.  Strengths and capabilities that are unique to you.  Discover your non-ADHD strengths and clarify your unique capability – learn what you do best and how you do it best – the things you want to do all the time!  Develop strategies to only work within your strengths and what you are amazing at – the value you bring to the world.


At the end you will say: “This is the value I bring to the world.  I have a unique capability only I have and I am great at!”

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You Owning ADHD

Now that you have the skills to be Ahead of Your ADHD, it is time to work with, understand how your personality, emotions, and strengths can be managed to excel and own your ADHD.  Learn how all your strengths, personality, and emotions interact to solve current challenges.


We will achieve this in facilitated quarterly group sessions with fellow high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs.  You will find a community of like-minded (and like-brained) people that will support you and work with you for all to succeed!

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Take control over your ADHD!

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